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Affinia Healthcare

Affinia Healthcare is a trusted community health center among St. Louis residents. Throughout its 112 year history, Affinia... (more)

Preferred Family Healthcare

Preferred Family Healthcare offers social services such as employment help, child welfare, mental health, substance abuse help,... (more)

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile or “Tooth Truck” offers a full range of dental services for no charge for children ages 3-18. Call... (more)

OTC Dental Hygiene Clinic

Ozarks Technical Community College offers a Dental Hygiene Clinic with services for a low cost.

Women's CareConnect

Women’s Care Connect offers resources and support services for women who are or may be pregnant.

Compass Health Network

Compass Health Center offers behavioral health and counseling services, substance use treatment, pediatric, primary, and dental... (more)

St. Louis Counseling Inc.

St. Louis Counseling Inc. offers counseling and psychiatry services for those of all backgrounds and incomes.

Jordan Valley Medical Tower

The Jordan Valley Medical Tower provides medical services and behavioral health services.

Cross Trails Medical Center

 Cross Trails Medical Center offers general and mental health services in Bollinger, Perry, and Cape Girardeau counties on a... (more)

Washington County Health Department

The Washington County Health Department offers free or discounted health tests and screenings, and resources.