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Gateway Region YMCA

Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

Masjid Bilal (West Pine Masjid)

The Masjid Bilal is an Islamic mosque located in the Midtown Neighborhood of the City of St. Louis next to the campus of SLU.

St. Charles City- County Library

The Charles City-County Library offers both informative classes on topics such as financial literacy and career search along with... (more)

Springfield- Greene County Library District

Springfield- Greene County Library District offers basic computer classes, computer rentals, and an online directory of... (more)

AcompañARTE Cultural Center

AcompañARTE Cultural Center is a community space for Spanish-speaking people.

Italia- America Bocce Club

A private club of 500+ members with five indoor courts. League play Mon- Fri. Active in both the men’s and women’s Midwest Tournaments.

German Culture Center

Through UMSL, the German Culture Center offers a video collection on loan for free along with workshops for German teachers.

The Dream Center

The Springfield Dream center is a dedicated resource hub to connect families with valuable resources in the Springfield area. The... (more)