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Chris Stephens

Chris Stephens is a multi-instrumentalist world musician that offers performances.

Chaz45 Band

The Chaz45 Band performs a diverse range of genres such as funk, R&B, classic rock, pop, blues and top 40 and offers performances.


Meshorerim is a Jewish men's singing group that performs Israeli music.

Rocking Starz

Rocking Starz performs a traditional dance called "Kuchipudi", which is a classical dance form in India.


NightBloom is a flamenco rock band that offers performances.

Aarti Sharma

Aarti Sharma is a performance group that offers Indian Bollywood and Punjabi folk dance.

Upasana School of Dance

Upasana School of Dance specializes in the Indian art form, Andhra Natyam, and various folk dance forms from India.

KidsMex Dance Group

KidsMex Dance Group is a Mexican dance group that offers performances.

Crucial Rootz

Crucial Rootz is a reggae band that offers performances.

STL Samba

STL Samba offers Afro- Latin cultural performances and dance instruction in the St. Louis area.