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Gateway Welcome Project

An organization formed by several St. Louis construction companies to make the St. Louis Metropolitan Area a welcoming place for... (more)

German School Association of Greater St. Louis

Provides German language instruction and exposure to German culture, customs and traditions for children and adults.


A non-profit corporation, HEC-TV is the only station with the mission statement “to strengthen and promote the education, arts,... (more)

Hispanic Arts Council

The Hispanic Arts Council promotes the excellence of Hispanic culture through arts and education.

Hispanic Bar Association of St. Louis

HBAstl is a not-for-profit organization of St. Louis-based attorneys and non-attorneys. Our members are dedicated to serving St.... (more)

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis

Provides networking, business development and Hispanic business enhancement and procurement opportunities to further improve the... (more)

Hispanic Educational, Cultural & Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic ECS Fund promotes understanding of the Hispanic culture and works to eliminate prejudice and discrimination among the... (more)

Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis

Hispanic Leaders Group (HLG) promotes Hispanic views on issues such as education, culture, language, immigration, policy analysis,... (more)

Holocaust Museum & Learning Center

The Holocaust Museum and Learning Center is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Holocaust, educating about its causes and... (more)

Il Pensiero Newspaper

Il Pensiero is an Italian newspaper that shares information throughout the Italian community in St. Louis.