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African Diaspora Council

Community organization that offers educational, financial, and social advocacy services. It also presents cultural and artistic... (more)

Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of St. Louis

The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is an umbrella organization, which, through its members, works to promote religious,... (more)

American Jewish Committee, St. Louis Chapter

Provides leadership and guidance for several local coalitions working on, among other issues, church-state separation, public... (more)

Diversity Awareness Partnership

Promotes the value of diversity in the St. Louis region through collaborative community and school-based education and awareness efforts.

Gitana Productions, Inc.

Gitana Productions is an arts and education organization that uses music, dance and drama as vehicles for cross-cultural engagement.

NCCJ St. Louis

The National Conference for Community and Justice supports a community dialogue that brings people together from different groups... (more)

Niagara Foundation - Missouri

The founders of the Niagara Foundation envisioned an institution that could bring together people from all walks of life in order... (more)

The International Mentoring Program

The International Mentoring Program connects international women with St. Louis area women to help welcome and integrate... (more)