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Loaves and Fishes

Loaves and Fishes offers an emergency shelter for families with children, different classes on topics such as life skills,... (more)

St. Louis Irish Arts

Irish Music Students learn the traditional Irish dance music taught in the traditional Irish way. Irish Dance Irish step... (more)

Educational Opportunity Centers - Metro Area

The Higher Education Consortium of Metropolitan St. Louis Educational Opportunity Centers (EOCs) provides free services to... (more)

Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis

The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc. takes a holistic approach to economic empowerment and self sufficiency. Through... (more)

Battlefield Apostolic Church

Battlefield Apostolic Church is a religious organization that offers free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Check online... (more)

Women in Charge

Women in Charge offers counseling and case management, tutoring, HiSet preparation, career development, financial and computer... (more)

Scenic Regional Library

The Scenic Regional Library offers classes on topics such as computers, health and wellness, and more. The Scenic Regional Library... (more)

All Nations

All Nations offers three direct service programs: Educational Mentoring, Entrepreneurial Coaching, and Youth Development. In this... (more)

Advance Community Library

Advance Community library offers computer usage and training courses.