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Hand in Hand Multicultural Center

The Hand in Hand Multicultural Center provides Springfield and surrounding areas with legal immigration assistance, counseling and... (more)

Ozark Technical Community College

OTC offers assistance in improving English as a second language skills, prep for the Missouri High School Equivalence (HSE) exams,... (more)

Washington County Library

The Washington County Library offers computer access, and printing and fax services for a small fee.

Washington Public Library

Washington Public Library offers online resources for career preparation, adult math skills, reading, grammar, and citizenship as... (more)

St. Charles City- County Library

The Charles City-County Library offers both informative classes on topics such as financial literacy and career search along with... (more)

De Soto Public Library

The De Soto Public Library offers basic computer courses and resume and online job application help as well as a variety of other... (more)

Springfield- Greene County Library District

Springfield- Greene County Library District offers basic computer classes, computer rentals, and an online directory of... (more)

Stammtisch- St. Louis

Provides opportunity to converse in German. All levels of German speakers are welcome.

Festus Public Library

The Festus Public Library offers public computers.