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Jefferson County Library

The Jefferson County Library offers occasional sessions on topics such as technology, employment, and finances with locations in... (more)

Missouri State University – English Language Institute

The English Language Institute is located in the center of the United States at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

Goodwill Excel and Career Center

The Excel Center® is a free public high school that gives adults the opportunity to earn an actual high school diploma. While... (more)

Raise Noel

Our programs and activities are thoughtfully designed and implemented to address the specific needs of the target community that... (more)

Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) - University City

The School District of University City Adult Education & Literacy Program (AEL) Program provides basic education to adults, ages... (more)


Our mission is to enable customers to achieve their goals in a global environment by understanding their individual needs and... (more)

Christian Friends of New Americans (CFNA)

The Christian Friends of New Americans educational programs include ESL classes Tuesday and Saturday mornings, Monday, Wednesday,... (more)