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Healing Grace Clinic

Healing Grace Clinic is a Christian based health clinic that offers healthcare for those who are low-income or uninsured.

MSU Care

MSU Care is a clinic that helps uninsured, low-income adults, age 18-64.

Betty Jean Kerr People's Health Center

PHC provides primary health care for those who are uninsured with multiple locations around St. Louis.

Pike County Health Department 

The Pike County Health department offers dental services, behavioral health services, vaccines for children, and a walk-in clinic... (more)

Lincoln County Health Department

The Lincoln County Health Department offers dental services, and vaccines to residents of Lincoln County who do not have insurance.

Crossroads Clinic Volunteers in Medicine

CCVIM people ages 18-64 living in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren, and Montgomery counties without health insurance and low income... (more)

Community Health-In-Partnership Services (CHIPS) Health and Wellness Center

CHIPS promotes wellness and empowers self health management for the uninsured and underserved through preventive and primary... (more)

Health Protection & Education Services (HPES)

Health Protection & Education Services provides free health screening services and health education to the underserved and... (more)

Cox Health

Cox Health has health centers that offer healthcare with financial assistance for under-insured, or uninsured individuals.

Give Kids a Smile Inc.

GKAS provides free dental care through two clinics a year for children (12 months-14 years old) of families who have a low income.