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Missouri Small Business Development Centers

Missouri SBDC helps small business owners grow their business or entrepreneurs start a business, with locations available across Missouri.

Freedom's Rest

Freedom’s Rest provides shelter to those affected by domestic violence and their children.

Women in Need

Women in Need (WIN) helps women who have full-time employment, living in Greene or Christian county with house payments, utility... (more)

OTC Dental Hygiene Clinic

Ozarks Technical Community College offers a Dental Hygiene Clinic with services for a low cost.

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile or “Tooth Truck” offers a full range of dental services for no charge for children ages 3-18. Call... (more)

MSU Care

MSU Care is a clinic that helps uninsured, low-income adults, age 18-64.

Center City Counseling Center

Center City Counseling Center offers counseling on a sliding scale fee based on income.

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri

Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri works to improve lives by providing quality, compassionate social services which meet... (more)

Salvation Army Springfield

The Salvation Army in Springfield is a faith-based organization that offers a program for homeless families, free daily lunch from... (more)