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Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) - Jefferson College

Adult Education classes provide the opportunity for adults to improve their basic skills, study for the HSE/HiSET test, and... (more)


MERS/Goodwill offers a variety of skills training programs. These training classes provide individualized instruction, equip... (more)

Jefferson City School District

The Jefferson City School district offers free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Call to register.


Comtrea offers mental health services, substance use treatment, dental, and primary care with a sliding fee scale. Comtrea also... (more)

Compass Health Network

Compass Health Center offers behavioral health and counseling services, substance use treatment, pediatric, primary, and dental... (more)

Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation

Jefferson Franklin Community Action Corporation offers housing services, a head start program, behavioral health services, and... (more)

Mercy McCauley Clinic

Mercy McAuley Clinic offers healthcare services to those who are uninsured or under insured.

Feeding Missouri

Feeding Missouri offers an online pantry locator feature to find a food pantry nearest you.

Jeffco express

Jeffco Express is a public transportation system for Jefferson County with low fares.

Missouri Small Business Development Centers

Missouri SBDC helps small business owners grow their business or entrepreneurs start a business, with locations available across Missouri.